Christmas Eve

Today is Christmas Eve, 2022.

This year’s Christmas is a simple one, with Lita (my wife) in the Philippines to take care of the family there. Her mother died on Immaculate Conception day, and she needed to go to help with everything. She will be back home just after New Years, so for now I am by myself.

Or am I? Well to start, our daughters both live within driving distance. I will be joining them at the elder daughter’s house tomorrow morning for a Christmas Brunch.

There is also the Vigil Mass at the Parish. Not the Midnight Mass (I do not have the energy for that one!) but rather the one earlier as the sun sets. It will be comforting to join with others in celebrating the Birth of Jesus our Saviour (yes, I spell things in the British way!).

There is also my part-time work, with driving both Uber and Lyft. Perhaps I will find passengers who need a warm car (since it is freezing outside right now!), some nice choral music being played through the Bluetooth (thank you, Kings College Cambridge!), and perhaps enjoyable conversation if they start it.

In others words, I will make Christmas happen! There is no such thing as a “perfect Christmas”, but I can make it what it can be.

To everyone, Merry Christmas! God bless you.

Pax Christi +

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