In Sympathy for the Young Leftist Political Zealot

Political Zeal is an admirable trait, but it must be balanced with experience, and more importantly, an ability to listen.

Yesterday I came across an encounter with a Twitter poster. He was an interesting lad, I am sure, and he may well feel the need to make the world better, at least as he perceives what would be better.

His problem though, was that he appeared to me to be applying his political intentions with both the lack of experience that comes from living a life up to the time I have had so far, and a lack of ability to listen to someone.  He has not lived long enough to see and learn of the world as I have, so to lecture me about what I believe and what I should do was both pathetic and laughable. As well, he did not listen to me. He talked AT me, but not WITH me. He wanted to hear his own voice, but was not interested in learning more about me and what I may actually believe. The Twitter poster I encountered is, sadly, a very poor example of what passes as a political activist these days. I genuinely pity him for his Leftist political zeal, and he has my sympathy.