What exactly does God want?

Wednesday of the 23rd Week in Ordinary Time.

The Office of Readings for today gave me a great insight from a sermon by Saint. Bernard, the Cistercian abbot who lived from 1090 to 1153. In the writing, he asks the brothers in his authority the important question that we today must ask ourselves: What exactly does God want? When we look into ourselves, we realize that left just to ourselves, we are never going to be able to give what God truly wants – ourselves to embrace Him by doing His Will so that He in turn can bless and love us. So we must proceed to surrender ourselves completely to the Holy Spirit and let Him work on us within and without so that we will be transformed into beings that will live in happiness in peace in service to the Lord.

I recall a conversation I once had with an atheist, who said he could not believe in a God who would create imperfect beings only to have us then be accountable for being imperfect. I agreed, for that would be cruel! I responded that I do not believe God created imperfect beings, but rather incomplete beings. We are only partial, and so must surrender ourselves to God by accepting with great joy His Son Jesus Christ as our Saviour. In return, the Holy Spirit will bring us to fulfillment. So when you get the prompt to repent, do so! It will be the greatest moment of your life. THIS is exactly what God wants.

Pax Christi +

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